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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Our remote site is near Dahab, Egypt.  This is a sleepy little dive town in the center of the Sinai.  We are keeping to ourselves out here, even as we watch the many dive boats, windsailers, kite-surfers, and loads of taxi cabs headed back and forth from the resorts to the town.  
I am once again the cook for the site.  I have made chicken parm, shrimp with garlic and herbs, taco pie, beef stroganoff, and the occasional steaks and chops on the grill when we have charcoal.  We are soaking in the sun, working out, and even took a PT Test while we were here.  
I did get into watching the 4400, a show from TV a few years ago.  I went through the first 3 seasons in 3 days.  I have also had the chance to continue my Toilet Paper for South Camp morale.
We are pretty short these days.  No official date on leaving, but we all hope to be home before Christmas. I have even been in touch with our replacements and they are excited (?) to be coming here.  The last few weeks here should drag by, but I will be home soon I hope.  
As usual, thanks to Cornerstone Church, my mom, my Aunt Alice, and anyone else who was nice enough to send a few supplies and goodies to us.
See you in the Fall!!

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Jon said...

Can't wait for you to be state side brother. Been working on my golf swing for next summer. Might not be up to the Sinai Peninsula Open status, but I'll hit a few straight.