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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Football PT!!

The Commander has instituted a Physical Training Program that is a little more comprehensive than some of us have been partaking of here at the Country Club. The Captian has the shades on and that is the famous Herb's Gym in the background. We are now required to do a nice session of PT every morning, very, very early. If I divulge the exact time and place of this training, I could be shot for treason, but since I am not being specific, I am in the clear. HAHA, Kidding. Anyway, one of the Sergeants thought it would be a nice break to play a little football this morning instead!! We had a special sand edition of 20 on 20 touch football. Video of this exciting sport can be purchased in the lobby on your way out. Everyone had a great time, and some of the best plays came from the people least able to actually play this sport. Quite a spectacular presentation of athletic ability and grossly disproportionate luck!! See you soon!! More to come from the desert!!!!

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