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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally!!!  As I have had to rebuild my email database and by computer had a problem from the fabulous internet service we have here, I can finally add to my blog and let you know where I have been.  As TODAY is a historic day of significance to me, I will tell you that I have been playing golf here in the land of camels!!  We got a couple days of a break here.  In the sweltering heat and oppressive sun we decided to play a few holes of golf.  The Jolie Ville Country Club is part of the Maritim Resort here in Sharm El Sheik.  They have an 18-hole course that was actually a site for a Senior PGA Tour event in 2004.  Obviously this is the winter, and the course is under various states of repair, but the $35 (US) greens fees covered the golf, clubs and cart for unlimited play.  We hit the course, played 18 holes, went to the Hard Rock for cheeseburgers and a cold beer, and back to the course for another 9-holes.  NO EXTRA CHARGE!!  We had such a great time that I went out and did another 18-holes the next day.  I am a gluten for punishment.  I had a great chip to 2-inches from one cup, a couple birdies, and some monster drives on the wide open fairways.  Too see the resort and course, just google the Jolie Ville Golf Club in Egypt......It should pop right up.  Other interesting things going on around here...hmmmm.   Oh yeah, Special Day Today for me!!  I enlisted in the US ARMY RESERVES exactly 20 years ago today at 2:34 pm.  WOW!! 20 Years of this ______!!  There might be kids reading this!!  Anyway, I am just choked up inside.  I would like to thank the academy, my agent, my mom, and especially thanks to my fathers?  Fathers you say?  Yes, my dad, Harvey Scribner III (Senior)(He is going to love that one!) told me that drinking my life away at Shippensburg U was not smart and he would not subsidize it.  I thought drinking was a great idea, so I joined.  It took my other father, with a phone call at the actual moment of decision, to make sure I was signing for an honorable reason.  Bill Landherr spent over 30 years in service to this nation in the NAVY , and talking to him at the moment of truth put a true and honorable spirit in me as I signed and was sworn in.  Who could have possibly predicted that 20 years later I would be on a second deployment with a family taking the brunt of the sacrifice gracefully and with pride.  I thank my wife the most for sticking by me through two deployments and a million drill weekend-frantic running around looking for my hat and why didn't I get a haircut on Thursday after work moments!!  I LOVE YOU HONEY!!  You are really the Trooper in our family!! See you soon , I HOPE!!  

More to come............

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