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Monday, March 20, 2017

Where is Harvey and Websites Galore!

Hello Everyone!  It has been a while since I said hello, and updated you on my whereabouts!  I am currently teaching at Collegium Charter School in Exton, PA.  They are fantastic!  Great Students, Great Staff, and a supportive and encouraging environment to work in!  My Professional Information site is, and can lead you to find my linkedin, twitter, facebook and other ways to contact me.  This is my personal blog page!

My class website has changed names, but still contains a ton of valuable lessons for Business Technology, Computer Science, Engineering Design, and many other "STEAM" projects!  Please feel free to visit at  The school web address is if you would like to learn more about the school.

I have been busy creating websites, videos, and other content for multiple applications and projects.  I am still an enthusiastic disciple of students learning to code!

In my role (since 2014) as a Training Facilitator in Partnership with Code.Org, I have trained over 1,000 educators in eight states!  My training site is at

I still have a soft spot in my heart for using to create single-page websites, but recently I found!  What a fantastic way to create sites and let the world know what you are working on.  Here is my personal page:

I am now an Atomic Learning Ambassador.  In this capacity, I can help you understand how to use this fabulous resource.  Atomic Learning Ambassadors team with other connected educators around the country. The purpose of the team is to build a community of educators who collaborate and grow through the support of the members. The Learning Ambassadors can participate in as little or as much as they'd like and each level attained opens more opportunity for the member.  While Ambassadors have a community of connected educators, they are also recognized for all they do to support learners. If you are interested in learning more about Atomic Learning use the code SCRIB and sign up for a free 3-month trial subscription.  You will be surprised how easy it is to learn about all the technology that can surround your classroom and your district.

On the personal front,  I am a Grandfather to a fantastic angel of a young lady!  Sinta Jane is healthy and happy, and currently resides with her parents in Georgia!  Jodi and I are still busy with the day-to-day happiness of living in Eagleville, PA!  Our boys are growing too fast, and we are all involved in sports, coaching, scouting and many other endeavors!  Drop me a line to say hello, or IM me on social media to see where we are planning to be over the summer.  There are a lot of camping days in our future!

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